Thursday, November 27, 2014

Everything's just fine!

It was an amazingly enjoyable day.  16 people for dinner.  We missed our niece's family who is expecting her third child quite literally any day, our niece who lives in Louisville and spends her special days caring for special people, and our nephew's family in Missouri as he continues his policing, making St. Joseph a better place in which to live.  Then of course, there are those who have gone before.  We did channel Ms. Loosewheel this morning when we ran to the grocery store to pick up something we had forgotten.  The food worked.  The kids worked to clean up.  As I said...enjoyable.  Now, it's time to convince my expanded stomach and active medulla oblongata to prepare for the day dedicatied to bringing the Christmas spirit indoors!  As I sink into the stupor that the quantities of food produce, I will smile and give thanks for a day of joy.  And tell you you are loved!

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