Saturday, November 22, 2014

The family we choose

I have been amazingly blessed indeed in the family department.  Genetically, I have been supported, loved, and encouraged.  Had I chosen rather than been so blessed, I could not have done better.  In-lawly (I can't wait to see what spell check does to that one!) the same would be true.  Wisdom in choice or just blind luck, I can't say, but I am extremely blessed!  That being said, it probably is unfair (I've witnessed far too many people who are not "familially fortunate!) that we have also been "adopted" into two other families, and how richly they have added to our lives!  We're included at family reunions.  We're selected to sit at the "family" table.  And we are supported...and loved...and encouraged.  As the week before Thanksgiving comes to a close, I need you to understand this...if you can say you are loved by friends, be thankful.  If you can say you're loved by family, be thankful.  If you can say you are loved...and you thankful!  I am!

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