Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A hairy situation

I always thought I would be able to definitively determine when I was old.  I would talk at length about my bowel habits.  I would share stories of my colonoscopies.  I would prefer talking to doing.  All, perhaps, are yet to come.  But today I was reminded I was old.  It started out like any normal day.  Coffee and crossword puzzles, followed by a few minutes (okay, a few more than a few) of on-line bridge with my favorite partner (in every sense of the word!).  It was she who suggested road trip.  I, of course, acceded.  Now understand, this road trip was with a specific goal in mind.  She needed a hair cut, and the best barber we know used to be married to my sister and lives in Milbank.  Into the car, and on the way up, we do a little Christmas shopping!  God, how I love that mobile hot spot!  Anyhow, we arrive.  Cath's hairs are cut.  Then, it was my turn.  Here's the rub.  The process took about 10 minutes.  8 minutes were spent cutting the hair in my ears, on my ears, in my nose, and trimming my eyebrows.  Yup.  Old.  And you are loved!

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  1. OH so TRUE! I am hubby's barber and spend SO much time trimming the other hairs!