Saturday, December 6, 2014

The power

It was cooking class day.  Christmas goodies.  Truly a two day process.  A good two days!  But I'm tired.  A good tired.  It started with breakfast with amazing friends.  Then off to work.  Great group of "students"!  New faces!  Old faces (oops, I mean faces I knew)!  And a young lad who was back for his second class!  Cool!  But among the blessings that overflowed, I was reminded of the power of friendship.  My boss is an amazing young lady who makes the process so enjoyable.  The returnees support the class and me give me reason to continue.  And the lifers who were there made the day special.  You know the type.  If you need a look of encouragement, it is there.  If you need a kind word, it is there.  They are a part of the joy of living.  And the hugs.  Oh, the hugs!  Christmas music plays in the background as I write.  Appropriate for the day and the mood.  I am blessed, and you are loved!

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