Monday, December 1, 2014

Twice as nice

Ever since I had my slice and dice (I believe the correct term is Radial Keratotomy), I have relied on mono-vision.  My right eye was for reading.  My left eye, for distance.  Enter the cataract era.  Right eye was amazingly blurry.  It became next to impossible to read things in smaller than 18 point print.  Colors were faded.  Life was not fun.  Magic.  Cataract removed.  Clear.  Beautiful.  Stunning.  One hitch.  Now, my right eye can see at any distance.  So when I look into the distance, both eyes focus...unfortunately, they seem to do so independently.  If one distance item is good, two must be better, right?  I'm working on retraining the devils to work in synchronicity.  I'm not being very successful.  And when I get tired, they get tired, and forget about working together.  Sounds like a return trip to my miracle worker to see what cure he has!  Until then, if you want to be twice as good, stand at a distance from me when I'm tired, and as much as I love you, it will be doubled!

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  1. Hubby's eye issue to be 'fixed' on Thursday. Here's hoping the vision improves after the expensive cataract surgery in August...