Sunday, December 14, 2014

foggy memories

On my way out to the dollar store for essential materials (disposable pans in which to place fudge!), I was amazed at the thickness of the fog.  Except for the idiot ahead of me who obviously didn't care whether anyone could see her or not (no lights on), people were driving defensively...and well.  For this, I am appreciative.  Having purchased 40 disposable pans (it is Christmas, after all!), I headed home, and like often happens, the strangest things trigger positive memories.  It was a few years ago.  Cath's folks had a cabin at the lake, and we had dibs for the weekend.  Just the two of us.  We woke up Sunday morning to the thickest fog I recall.  Not a whisper of a breeze.  I suggested a trip around on water skis.  Cath obliged.  Now understand, this was before Dr. Thompson had given me the gift of sight (and I had left the coke bottle glasses on shore).  We took off, and as we rounded the cove, for me the boat disappeared.  I was suspended magically by the rope in front of me with nothing but ultimate faith in the driver.  For approximately 10 minutes, I was totally and essentially skimming the water...alone...and it was the most amazing feeling I have ever experienced.  Peace.  Pure peace.  And I was smart enough to let it envelope me.  For those 10 minutes, I was the only one on the planet.  Now understand, that is, in most instances, the most frightening of thoughts.  But somehow, for this period of time, I was totally relaxed and in the moment. 

Three things.  First, realize what a gift it is to have someone in whom you place all your trust.  I was absolutely certain I would be safe.  Second, realize that experiences like this are rare, and one should carry them with one.  Third, the fog was a little more enjoyable when I got home!  Memories can do that!

May you find that special place that makes a memory for you, and know you are loved!

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