Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Jeopardy answer...Tigger and my wife

Question:  what are two things that bounce?  Of course, there is a story.  And in the spirit of the holidays, it has a happy ending.  Up early to do the buns I talked about yesterday, I decide to start the dressing.  As I am tearing up the hot dog buns purchased for that very purpose, I hear a bump and my name in a register that immediately seizes me with cold dread.  I sprint up the steps to find Cath on the floor of the kitchen and the dog, headed for the door.  Cath directs me to get the dog out the door.  I head that direction and step square in the reason the dog was headed for the door!  Hopping to the door on one foot, I get the dog out, paper toweling to clean me and the floor, and get the story.  It was Cath's night to sleep downstairs to care for the dog (another story, another time!) and having slept through the night, the dog woke in need of relief.  Cath is right behind her, shooing her toward the door as the dog intermittently does the relieving thing.  In the shooing process, Cath slips on the tile floor, takes a header into the corner of the hutch, and ends up on the floor.  No blood.  No broken bones, and no concussion, at least that we can discern.  But one huge goose egg that currently is changing color.  The woman continues to amaze me.  After half an hour, we're headed on a walk to Taco John's for breakfast!  As I said...bounce!  Our own little Christmas miracle!  Tis the season, and you are loved!

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