Sunday, December 28, 2014

It must be love

My connection to football.  Equipment manager.  Eighth grade.  Since then, my connection has been my wife.  That's probably true with baseball, soccer, racquet ball (ask her how she lost the bottoms of her two front teeth!) and Texas Broom Hockey!  She is the epitome of a fan.  If you bounce it, throw it, or hit it, she will follow it.  And oh, the things that I have learned over the years.  I know where each team is located.  I am familiar with the names.  I've visited the arenas.  And in truth, it has never hurt!  Oh, osmosis stops way before getting excited about these events.  But I will go.  And I will watch people.  And I will truly hope her teams win.  That makes her happy.  And that makes me happy!  In case you're wondering, her Vikings beat the Bears today.  I know because I checked out  A painless way to discover whether the ribs in the oven are celebratory or conciliatory.  They are the former.  And you are loved!

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  1. I SO understand! A "Did they win" question results in a play-by-play recap of the game. If I wanted that, I would have watched the game. Oh well...a small price we pay for all the other good reasons.