Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A very good day...so far

It started well.  Early, but well.  Plans and documents have been created for the high tea on Saturday.  Puzzles and coffee were consumed.  Then, throwing all caution to the wind, and with no regard for the weather gods, we jumped into the car and left town...realizing the capriciousness of such an event during this time of the year.  We were to meet our godchild for lunch in Brookings.  We did.  No problem on the road.  No problem in finding the place (in the Market Galleria).  No problem with the place.  Great food, pleasant service, great ambiance.  Following lunch, we toured Aquatec..a company for whom she does PR...and then headed home.  When my eyes were open, I was overwhelmed with the beauty of the snow drifts along the fences.  They swirled.  They peaked.  And where they peaked, the sun glistened on the tops.  It was the most beautiful shade of pure white.  Made even more beautiful by the fact they had been formed BEFORE we were on the road.  It made the enjoyment much easier.  Once home, we did a little grocery shopping and I just returned from a brisk (okay, colder than...well...I'll leave those comparisons to your imagination.  I was, after all, a crude young man!) 2 mile walk and now, since I am old, we are preparing for an early supper.  Tomorrow is friends and games.  Another very good day!  Hope yours was as good, and you remember to love and that you are!

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