Saturday, December 20, 2014

Spell check

Okay, I have been reveling in the fact that the Christmas letter has been published.  I now am quite contrite realizing that knowledge is not spelled correctly.  Pride goeth before the fall!  Alas.  Only a teacher would find a way to incorrectly spell that which he tried to instill for 34 years!  Then of course, there's the philosophy of building a good readers following.  Publish one day and take the next day off.  I don't believe that instills confidence in the new reader that there is any consistency to this process.  In the spirit of the holidays, I can only hope for forgiveness!  And in light of my expectation of moving forward rather than dwelling on the past, I can only hope the knowledge that this post imparts will help educate.  Thanks for being here, and know you are loved!  ( is now spelled correctly!)

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