Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Deep insight

I've made my share of mistakes in this lifetime.  I've been fired.  My first fiance.  The maroon polyester suit with the platform shoes and the velvet bow tie.  All have been growth stimulators.  I've learned.  It does not, however, mean I won't be making more mistakes.  Like today.  For example.  I'm putting together a list of educational professionals in our district.  I misplaced the list of senior high individuals.  I call.  Joan (who has saved my butt on numerous occasions) gets the list ready.  I go to school.  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.  Dumb.  It was 3:31.  School dismisses at 3:30.  Parking?  Yeah, right.  Quietly sneaking in in my yoga shorts (neon green)?  Yeah, right.  Getting out of the parking lot to come home.  A true test of patience.  My insight?  I could have gone at 4:30 and avoided all the hassles.  Live and learn.  If I hadn't been fired, I'd never met my second fiance (first and only wife), and if it hadn't been for the suit, I never would have been called Billy Bow Tie.  Clever moniker, don't you think?  Live and learn.  And you are loved!

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  1. I drive anywhere in a large metro area but have learned to be off the streets locally from 3:15 to 3:45, M-F. too funny.