Friday, December 5, 2014

you are loved

To me, the most amazingly healing statement you can hear...and say!  We celebrated the life of a good friend's mother yesterday.  I never really knew her, but she raised three amazing children.  The friend of whom I speak--we'll call him Gary--lives a distance away from South Dakota, and we don't get to see him often.  He was a classmate of Cath's, and we had his children in school.  Amazing kids!  The bonus to the celebration was his son (another good friend) stayed with us while he was here.  The story of his arrival is best saved for another time.  This particular episode is about his father.  Gary is the type of friend that whether you are actually in his physical presence or not, you know he has your back!  You know the type.  You don't see them for months/years and when you do get together, it's as if you lived next door?  Anyhow.  He makes me laugh.  His sense of humor and his obvious compassion and zest for life are legend.  And, he gives me crap!  Knowing how I sign off on my facebook page, he teases me about the titled phrase.  But here's the deal.  When it came time to say goodbye, he looked at me with the one serious bone in his body and said, "You are loved!"  It made the day better.  The world was brighter.  And I?  I'm still smiling.  Say the words.  Live the words, and know you are!

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