Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Just another Tuesday

Some days are just normal days.  Like today.  Started in the normal fashion.  Crosswords, coffee.  Then, the tires needed balancing, or the wheels needed to be aligned, or something had to be done to those round things that make the car go, so out to the dealership I go.  They do what they have to do.  Back in the car, I notice the light for low gas is on.  I look at the computer prognostication of miles left.  It says four.  Four!  I head for Casey's so I can use our mileage card from Hy-vee.  I look at the computer as I pull into the station.  I swear it said pray!  Put 20 gallons in our 20 gallon tank and headed home.  Afternoon was spent visiting with our aunt and preparing for the retired teachers' program on Thursday.  Visitation at the funeral chapel was followed by a stop for Chester fried chicken.  I do believe we (okay, I) may frequent that place a little too often.  Last week they asked if I had been sick since they hadn't seen me in two weeks, and tonight, before I even said hello to the cute young thing behind the counter, she asked me if I wanted my usual 8 pack.  Light bulb!  My usual 8 pack may well be destroying any chance I have of developing a six pack, but that's a different topic!  Now, it's an old movie (Private Benjamin) and a nap on the horizon!  I kinda like normal!  And you are loved!

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  1. I had a very similar Tuesday of this week. At the end of some frustrating, out-of-my-hands circumstances, we got home safely and I was able to grocery shop ONE MORE TIME. And I remember to be thankful for little blessings. HUGS.