Tuesday, March 18, 2014

50 years separate them

It's the eternal human struggle.  Actually, it's An eternal struggle.  I speak not of life or death choices. I speak not of good versus evil.  I speak to the struggle that we all face every day...especially those of my generation.  I speak to mind over matter!  My mind?  Well. Somehow it atrophied at 14.  I snicker at seemingly innocent comments that have to me obvious sexual connotations.  I interrupt for fear that my cleverness will be missed!  I swear.  I drink.  I am still impressed by the female anatomy, especially the part between the neck and the waist.  (This may well explain my favorite piece of chicken, but I digress!). I am, as all 14-yer-old boys, mentally invincible!
But then, there's the body.  Most every part has headed south.  My chest is closer to my waist.  My love handles have sunk to my hips, and my knees at times suggest that they have carried more than their share of weight over the 64 odd years!  I used to be able to spend an entire day working on my feet.  Now, I have to "work on my feet" if I'm on them too long.  The mind says "Run!"  The body says "Up yours!"  (Apparently there is one thing that the mind and body have in common...inappropriate language.).  Arthritis has claimed a thumb, gravity has claimed the knees, and time has claimed the short term memory.  Face it...the body beautiful?  Isn't!
But here's the thing.  At least for a while, the mind is winning.  Just this morning, when it heard an old familiar tune, it told the body to get up and dance...and it did.  If you saw me, I hope you didn't mind.  Last night, my mind told me to sing some old show tunes while cleaning up after the banquet...(Understand, the voice isn't bad, but I have a tendency to change keys in the middle of songs, frequently, and there is no volume control!) I hope they didn't mind.  And if I hear a really good off-colored joke, my mind says it must be shared...and I do.  Now, if any of this matters to you and you think I should act my age, you'd best be specific whether you refer to mental or physical years, because quite truthfully, if you mind, it doesn't matter, because old people get by with anything!  Mind this, however:  to me, you matter, and you are loved!

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