Saturday, March 22, 2014


marks the 41st anniversary of our engagement!  It was the first time I was taking Cath home to meet my folks.  We were sitting at the intersection of Kemp Avenue and highway 81 at the stoplight.  I had placed the ring in a Kleenex box and since we were waiting at the red light, I asked her if she would get me a Kleenex.  Two green lights later, she said yes (and gave me a Kleenex, too!)  To this day I'm not completely sure it wasn't just to get me to move the car...and I don't care because it obviously was the right answer...hopefully for both of us!  Five months later, we began an adventure that can only be characterized by the song sung at our wedding...Together Forever!  We have always enjoyed each other's company.  It seems so much more fun when we do things as a couple.  We don't do things with "the girls" or "the guys".  We do things as a unit, and I can truthfully say it works for me!  The trite thing to say would be we seem to complete each other.  Trite be damned!  We complete each other.  We've taught each other.  We've learned from each other.  And when it comes to that choice 41 years ago, I'm so glad I asked the question!  The most important choice one can make in life is choosing the person with whom you shall age!  I was brilliant.  The second most important choice is sharing yourself with others.  Thanks for sharing me!  Know you are loved!

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