Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I've got the fever!

It's been above freezing three days in a row!  That means ezbz has the spring fever!  In fact, I just got back from buying 44 packages of flower seeds.  Okay, I plan to give them away at the retired teachers' meeting tomorrow, but the very thought that we could see a time to plant again just sends tingles up and down my spine.  (Of course, so does sitting too long in one position, but that, as they say, is a different story entirely!)  Rebirth.  A glorious thought.  And then it hit me.  If it hadn't been for the end of a season, a new season never would have developed.  Had plants not aged, seeds would not have formed.  Had seeds not formed, the eventuality exists that life would not continue.  That pretty much means that we who are quickly approaching the winter of our years are responsible for distributing the seeds that will allow things to grow.  (I suppose you could say we need to spread the fertilizer, but by nature, most "mature" people do that anyway!)  No, we need to spread the "wisdom" that we have garnered.  We need to share the mistakes that we have made, the accomplishments we have enjoyed (they are quite frequently flip sides of the same story!), and the love that we know exists.  There is obviously a purpose to aging, and we need to embrace it.  While I don't have the gettyup in my step I used to, I more than make up for it in the tenacity to continue until I get where I'm going.  While I don't have the memory I used to, I don't have the memory I used to!  (There ain't much you can do about some things!)  Most importantly, however, I have things to offer, ideas to cultivate, and more than enough love to share.  And face it, now that spring is springing and I don't have many months left to shovel, life is good!  And about those seeds?  Well, it is my philosophy that we may not be where we want to be, but we can certainly bloom where we are!!!!!

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  1. I feel so fortunate to live in such way that I experience 2 summers each year, 2 springs (the desert blooms & the spring at home), a magnificent fall and a taste of winter. PERFECT for this ol' body.