Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A different drum

On our way to Sioux Falls for the first of two appointments this week for Cath.  Today, it's a second opinion on why she is still having knee pain.  Friday, it's checkup time at the otodontist.  I'm sure that's more information than you cared to know, but we're old and infirmities are discussable.  Not the reason for today's opine, however.  The radio, as it is want to do, just took me back 44 years.  I'm  a junior/senior at Moorhead State, and planning my mid-term unit for Teaching English in the Secondary Schools (one of the three times I made it to class!):  The American transcendentals and the concept of traveling to the beat of a different drummer.  It strikes me...why not a wedding of Henry David Thoreau and Linda Ronstadt?  (Bizarre conceptualization has never been a stretch for me...perhaps. It's because I do indeed hear a different...). While one speaks philosophically and one speaks romantically, both espouse the fact that we are all different, and rather than see those differences as divisive, we should see them as positives.  It is, after all, the differences that excite and attract, and while we may not agree on all things, see things in the same light, or at times even be in the same book not to mention on the same page, we need to encourage the difference and embrace the diversity.  If we simply surround ourselves with like images, the cadence may be harmonious, but extremely predictable (translate...boring!).  Henry would tell you to let them follow their beat (and you follow yours) and according to the radio (and that lesson plan from so long ago) Linda would encourage you to wait until you can blend rhythms into a unique and wonderful beat!  All this because we're in the car!  Amazing.  And you are loved!

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