Thursday, March 6, 2014

Absolutely fabulous, and I speak not of the tv show!

Photo courtesy of twitpic

Sometimes two forces collide, and the resultant image is absolutely amazing.  By now, my readers have ascertained my affinity for giraffes and their ability to see from a different perspective.  Now, thanks to an e from my niece, I have the ultimate example...a giraffe in a different perspective!  Awesome!  Take two of my all time favorite concepts...attitude is everything and don't let someone else determine your attitude, and you have my friend pictured above!  I understand there are times when fitting in can be important, and as long as it doesn't compromise basic principles of honesty and fairness, go for it!  But we are a uniquely diverse people, each holding in our physical and emotional makeup, differences that make us who we are.  We need to celebrate, nay flaunt those differences!  We are each in our own way, fabulous, and it is YOUR fabulosity that allows me to tell you that you are loved!

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