Thursday, March 20, 2014

Foodie alert

If I remember correctly, I have not spent one whole blog extolling the merits of a particular foodstuff.  That comes to an abrupt halt this morning.  Allow me to set the stage.  Growing up, we were told the truly perfect food was milk.  It contained nutrients that made our bones strong and hair glisten.  At times, when I would pass on the milk, mom would encourage by saying, "Drink it.  It will put hair on your chest!"  Apparently I drank too much, as the chest obviously spread to every other part of my body, but surprise, I digress.  I would now posit the very most perfect foodstuff would be chipotle pepper sauce!  It started like this...
We were sitting at Carlos O'Kelly's in Sioux Falls and they had a menu option called chicken diablo, a chicken breast covered with a chipotle sauce.  It was truly love at first bite!  Thereafter, it was my to go to menu item every time we ate there.  Now the sad news.  Carlos left Sioux Falls, leaving me without an outlet for my craving for this devilishly good sauce, so being the tenacious individual I can be at times, I starting experimenting, and have what I think is a close approximation (if egotistically speaking, perhaps a little better) of the chicken dresser-upper.  But here's the upshot.  It works with just about every imaginable food.  It is amazing on pork.  It's my go to for omelets.  And it makes the world's best grilled cheese sandwich.  It keeps in the refrigerator for at least two weeks, and if you are entertaining, saves a meal that might just be ordinary!  Now, for you calorie counters, you may want to eschew a few other things if you plan on using this, but I will personally endorse it by telling you I would gladly run an extra block or six rather than give this up!  Puts it in perspective, right?
What's that, you say?  Will I share the recipe?  Of course I will.  The link to my web page appears below. Try it.  Let me know what you think!  And know you are loved!  (By the way, it's great with a glass of milk!)


  1. But will Chipotle sauce put hair on my chest? I never heard the one about milk but I do remember my dad telling me that eating bread crusts would. So I always eat my crusts.