Saturday, March 8, 2014

Hot tub perplexities

Tweener, at least to this 64-year-old, is the time between supper and dessert.  On a good night, following an experimental supper ( recipe you don't want to have to eat forever if it doesn't turn out so you offer to share it with friends!) it is time spent in the hot tub with friend Scott, solving the problems of the world, commenting on the state of the weather, and spending enough time so the ladies can clean up!  Last night, amid discussing how best to blog and address social media concerns, the question of  "professional" arose.  We both agreed we had been professional educators.  It was, after all, what we did and who we were.  Now, both enjoying encore careers, he, a photographer, and me, a speaker, we wondered at what point we could call ourselves professional.  First thought...did we charge for our services?  The answer was yes.  This of course led to a discussion as to whether it is the amount we charge that makes us professional?  Then there was the question of knowledge base.  Does that make us professional?  Perhaps it is the demeanor in which we transact business?  The consensus?  We're not sure!  Any ideas?  By the way, you can see Scott's work at, a photo a day!  It's worth a look!  And you can get by any experimental dinner offering with a guaranteed dessert.  Nothing like cherry cheesecake to finish an evening of perplexities!  Know you are loved!

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