Friday, March 28, 2014

There are many shades of gray...

In the car.  Headed north from Brookings.  Everything is the same color.  Gray.  The sky, which was bright and radiant when we left home is now gray.  The snow in the ditch allows glimpses of growth underneath, turning the overall hue to gray.  The asphalt is gray.  I understand now the root word of monotonous!  One starts to look forward to the breaks...the brilliant green of the mile markers.  The golden yellow of the left shoulder paint warning us that we have been lulled into a stupor by the sameness.  The bright reflectors to announce cross overs.  The welcoming bright blue of the rest area signs.  And the vibrant splash of color announcing Jean's bridal shop.  But the big picture?  Gray!  Even the cars we meet...gray.  I search the horizon.  I spot a farmhouse.  It has a barn.  It must be....  You guessed it.  Steel building gray.
On the horizon, I spot a school bus...all a bright yellow loaded I imagine with children excited to be done for the day, planning their weekend, and reveling in their youth.  The imagined exuberance, the remembered excitement, and the knowledge that if Annie is right, the sun will come up tomorrow, shifts my mood.  And while I look ahead to the gray sky, Cathy points out some burros along the way.  Now that, as the gate keeper of Oz would say, is a horse of a different color.  Two literary allusions in one paragraph?  That's pretty colorful prose, somewhere between the extremes of black and white!  You bring color to my life, and you are loved!

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