Wednesday, March 19, 2014


So, I'm fulfilling that which can only be described as oh crap, I have to run!  I like to eat, ergo I run.  It was on a downhill portion of the run that I realized I was not thrilled with what I was doing.  I was  dreading the hill that lay ahead.  It then struck me that this running crap kind of replicates life, at least for me.  I find that when things are "easy", instead of enjoying the slide, I worry about what lies ahead.  Why can't we just enjoy the parts that are good?  As in running, the hills are inevitable.  And while I don't like them, they can be scaled.  So it is in life.  So after today, I'm going to consciously enjoy the trip down, enjoy the fact that historically I have been able to conquer the "heights" and continue to eat up everything that comes my way!  The hills will be alive with the sound of bz enjoying the result while hating the process!  Know you are loved!

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