Friday, March 14, 2014

Oh, the things one learns...

Who knew cooks for ages actually did know the difference between cooking in metal and cooking in glass?  For years, I have read and ignored the suggestions on baking temperatures for different baking mediums, oblivious to their accuracy.  Well, shame on me.  Yesterday I made two loaves of Irish soda bread and baked them together in a 350 degree oven ( by now you have discerned one was in a metal loaf pan and one in a Pyrex loaf pan).  Since they were meant as a treat for our retired teachers' group. I made up some cinnamon honey butter and cut into the glass baked loaf to serve the thundering hordes!  While it seemed a bit crumbly, I was obliviously intent on serving it.  Come to find out, it must have been quite dry because there was lots left on plates.  Drat.  The upshot of the story is this.  The loaf baked in the metal pan was served that evening, with a bit of temerity, and it was moist and wonderful.  Even better this morning when toasted.  Two things were ascertained from this experience.  First, lower the temperatures when you bake in glass containers (or, put another way, believe those who have gone before you!), and two, when you're serving food to a group, be sure you taste before you serve!  But of course, the good loaf is ours, so....  This may or may not be a lesson for you to learn from my experience, but at least you know the true secret to food service.  It truly is a matter of taste. Know that you are loved!d

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  1. I know to bake some things at a lower temp if placed in a dark pan...4-H days of long ago and recent experience. But sometimes reminders from experts are the best. The last pan of brownies was better than the first pan. THANKS bz.