Friday, March 21, 2014

astir versus awake

It was one of those nights with the elderly dogs.  No one got to sleep, although we all wanted to.  One of the pleasures of aging--for all species.  Anyway, when I was roused from my fitful attempt by a puppy who wanted to go outside, I decided whilst I was up, I may as well make coffee and run off the puzzles.  Scooped the coffee in the filter, placed the filter in the maker, poured the water in the pot and went to print the puzzles.  As I was catching up on facebook, I thought the coffee sounded a little strange--more dripping that usual--so I go to check on it.  Seems as how you need to put the pot under the drip spout or the coffee container fills up and spills out onto the cupboard, the heater sitting next to the cupboard, onto the floor, through the paper bag sitting on the floor in its inexorable ooze to the sewer drain.  And of course, as the container fills up, the grounds float to the top and join the morning elixir on its way to the sea.  Mess.  Crap.  And the frightening thing is, it ain't the first time!  Guess this two legged old dog can't learn new pay attention to details!  Several paper towels and a few wrung dishrags later, pot number two has just finished, so it's time to attack with fervor USA's morning addition to our ritual.  Perhaps I will nap instead.  Know you are loved!

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  1. I'm smiling, Bill, because I've done the early morning "coffee without pot" routine 4 times.