Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do I? Don't I?

Infinite variety my aunt Mabel's behind!  Tease? 
Perhaps.  Disgusting?  Definitely! Enough? 
On a scale of one to ten, that would be an 
affirmative response at a 12! I speak to the 
rain.  I speak to the sleet.  I speak to the 
snow.  I speak to the wind. Knock this crap 
off.  Ordinarily, I'm the "at least it won't 
last long" kind of guy during bad weather in 
March.  I realize I have no direct control 
over it, so why let this stuff bother me? 
Because I am old and cranky.  Because I think 
I suffer from Seasonal Attitude Disorder 
(looking outside I am definitely SAD!). 
Because this has been the longest fricking 
winter in my long and rose colored recollection. 
And I have these garishly green shorts that I 
want the whole world to enjoy!  But no.  It rains.
It sleets.  It snows.  It blows. 
What, you might ask, does this have to so with 
the title of this blog? We're supposed to host 
bridge club tonight, and none of us is young. 
Will this quit in time to be safely on the road? 
Should I call and cancel?  Dilemma!  I know!  I'll 
let Cath decide!  Finally, a forecast I can live 
with!  Stay tuned for more ranting, 
raving, and reassurances that you are loved!

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