Tuesday, March 11, 2014

on the box...again

It is unusual that I can ascend the soap box with a smile on my face!  Today is that exception.  Let me set the stage. It was the first day of over 40 temps since the seventh day of creation.  There was pavement, uncovered with snow or ice.  While to say running was inviting is a gross overstatement, it seemed like the right thing to do under the circumstances.  So dressed in the finery you can see in a previous blog, I hit the road.  About 3/4 mile into the run, I noticed two young boys come out of their house with a basketball in hand, headed toward the basket in their driveway.  Cool sight.  As I approach, I greet them with a hearty "good morning", to which, to my surprise, they both responded with the same greeting and then the older of the two further surprised me by adding, "How are you?"  (I'm not sure whether he thought at my age I should be suffering a coronary because I was running, but I prefer to think he was just being nice.)  I responded with my usual, "Amazing!  How are you?"  This set the dog into a frenzy of barking, but when he was quiet, the young lad said, "Fine.  Have a good day!"  I continued on my run.
Here's the point.  I now have new heroes.  These two young men were polite enough to acknowledge me.  The were caring enough to converse with me, and they were two reasons that my run was easier, my breath was fuller, and my attitude matched the weather, even though I was still running!  It is obviously true that a simple act can change the world.  They changed mine for the better, and for that I am eternally thankful.
You will notice that I said heroes.  I do not mean to demean the impact of what transpired with the two boys, but I do know that they didn't spring polite from the womb.  I know that genetics is an amazing thing, but so is nurture, and these two have been raised by parents who know the simple rule.  Kids will listen to what is said, but model what is done.  Mom and Dad, you have done an amazing job of raising two young men of whom you should be very proud.  You obviously have demonstrated the impact of kindness.  You have shown these two the meaning of caring.  And you have changed the world by doing so.  They are our future, and you have been amazing architects in their design.  Bravo!
Today on my run, I'm sure the boys were in school.  I'm assuming their parents are out demonstrating what being caring individuals can do.  And I?  I'm smiling once again, even though I am....  Perhaps I can model that age is simply a number, not an ability inhibitor.  And you are loved!

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