Sunday, March 23, 2014

My three sons

Over the years I have had the fortune to have amazing children (and adults) in my classroom.  When people say we are childless, they are literal, but certainly not figurative, because several of these outstanding individuals have allowed us to "adopt" them and claim them as our own.  Their love and support are the foundation of our lives as educators and people.  Today, however, I will speak to three of said individuals.  They are genetically brothers and the progeny of an amazing couple.  Biological dad is a lawyer and amazing roll model.  Biological mother is the lady with whom it was my pleasure to share a classroom and a friendship for more years than either of us is willing to admit.  First let me say, as far as I'm concerned, they are the parents of the century.  They raised three amazing boys...unique unto themselves, but indicative of their parental guidance.  I speak first of the eldest.  For the sake of argument, we will call him Jeff.  No other word need be mentioned in the description of this lad than gentleman.  As a high school student, he showed care and concern for those around him.  His quiet manner exuded trust.  He was an excellent student and an amazing mentor--not only educationally, but humanly.  He is now a lawyer (like his father), married to a doctor, and passing on amazing parental love to the apple of her grandmother's eye.  Middle child.  We'll call him Scott.  Oh, how still waters run deep!  One need only look into this young man's eyes to see a well-developed sense of mischief..  But NEVER at the expense of anyone.  Scott had an amazing ability to have fun and still show respect for his fellow beings.  His cleverness was/is amazing.  I'm not sure how, but his parents managed to control it and at the same time encourage it!  This pharmacist is living the life.  Youngest son, surprisingly was not named Ernie (and you have to be really old to catch that referent!). Today, we'll call him Joe.  Joe was Mr. All-around.  He was/is an excellent student.  He was willing to put himself out there for the good of the group.  (Some day, ask me about his lip-sync activity!)  He made others feel good about themselves.  This pharmacist recently married a pharmacist and has just returned from that wedding in Hawaii.  What might you ask prompted this blog this day?  On my run this morning, I noticed a car from Minnesota in the family driveway and made a leap that one of the kids was home.  I didn't get to see him, but the vehicle certainly brought back great memories.  They are the kind of children anyone would claim, so we do!  And as their parental wannabe's, might I add to our lawyer, doctor, pharmacist, pharmacist, pharmacist children, we are so proud!  Know you are loved!