Saturday, March 29, 2014

The simple things

I consider myself a man of simple needs...a comfortable home, tasty food, a pet or two, and a woman I love with whom to share these things.  Simply put, I am amazingly blessed.  Why then do you suppose it is impossible for me to keep a clear path from the bottom of the basement stairs to my computer six feet away?  I am well intentioned.  Every time I clear a path, I vow to keep it that way.  Yeah, right!  Life happens, we get busy doing the things we enjoy, and quietly, surreptitiously, something small gets left out.  Then, during the night, someone feeds it, and like Gremlins, it self propagates and turns into a plethora of animalistic items precluding safe passage.  So today, I take my basement taming whip and chair, and come Helen Highwater, I shall reclaim!  Already this morning, I can get to the shoe rack.  It took 35 minutes and two garbage cans, but the beast(s) have retreated!  Of course, small victories must be celebrated, so it's time for coffee and puzzles in my comfortable porch, complete with breakfast, the dogs, AND the woman I love!  As I said, simple!  And you are loved!

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