Monday, March 10, 2014

And the answer is

Bright and early Monday morning.  Okay.  Early Monday morning.  Daylight savings time has hit and bright won't come for an hour or so.  Yesterday's post was an experiment...on a tandem level.  First, I was interested in seeing whether I could pick up a comment or two addressing the quiz.  Nada.  Second, I wanted to see if I could still write a question in such a way that I could give hints as to the answer while asking the question.  For those of you who are dying for the answer, it lies in a man's name.  First name?  Roy. Middle initial? G.  Last name?  Biv.  The presence of all color is white, like the lettering on the sweatshirt.  The absence of all color is black, like the sweatshirt.  There's red in the hat, the shorts are orange, the cap is yellow, there's a green stripe on the tennis shoes (!), the shoes are blue, there's a stripe of indigo on the socks, but there ain't no violet!  Now the question is, was it worth two days of blogging?  Of course it was!  I will buy a violet bandanna to complete the outfit, and you got a picture to hang in your garage to ward away rats!  Win,. win!  Have the most colorful of days, and know you are loved!

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  1. That one went WAY over my head! But the picture was great. Now I understand the pose. You are TOO funny and make me smile every day.