Friday, March 7, 2014

This is a tease...

And only a tease.  If this had been an actual warm up, it would have lasted for more than half a day!  And it wouldn't have covered every available outdoor surface with a glistening layer of ice.  Not that I would complain, since I have taken the pledge to quit witching about the weather.  I'm just sayin'!  The really amazing thing is how clever Mother Nature is!  To avoid the ice from damaging her trees, she has astutely instigated a "brisk" north wind to move the branches and free them from her frosting of solid water (obviously I am trying to use the word ice again!).   In my continuous effort to find anything positive about this weather, I believe I have stumbled on the one thing that is incontrovertibly a positive.  Everyone agrees this winter sucked!  (Yes, my former students, I really used that word!  And you were right.  Sometimes it is irreplaceable.)  But Pollyanna believes that while teasing can be negative, it can also further whet one's appetite for what is to come.
Whet away, and know you are loved!

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