Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Almost heaven

According to John Denver, we must be in West Virginia!  A day without significant wind.  Great bike ride.  A day of planting.  Understand, it will take several more, but as I write this, my fingernails are dirty...up to my armpits; my knees have seen more time on the ground that a repentant hooker; my body is a pinkish tone that may increase in hue; my lunch today was a home-built chocolate chip cookie; and you would probably have to use a crow bar to convince the corners of my mouth to turn down.  This is truly what life is about.  Of course, I probably got about 1/10 done that I might have in previous years, but I have figured out (slow that I am) that it isn't a race.  It's okay to stop and admire the work you've done, and if you're tired, QUIT!  Besides, if I'm going to be clean by supper time, I have to start now!  Take me home, country roads!  Know you are loved!

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