Saturday, May 17, 2014

The rewards

If you follow me on Facebook, you will understand of what I speak.  This has been one of the most enjoyable weekends I can recall, and it has to do with the four guests we have had.  It started with her.  Actually, it started with her parents.  We went to visit them and met her for the first time.  Bright!  Charming.  Engaging.  And willing to put up with us.  She was an amazing child, who, as she grew, became even more amazing.  Well, except for that eating thing.  I never understood how any one individual could take as long to eat as she did.  But had her folks asked, we would have taken her in a moment.  That may be the highest compliment I have ever paid!
Then off to college where she met him.  A gentle man.  A wit.  And he was willing to put up with us! They married.  The had two children.  She is now a sophomore and a clone of her mother.  Caring.  Bright.  A debater!  She is a joy with whom to visit and hang.  He is going into seventh and epitomizes the way a young man should act.  Inquisitive.  Bright. Engaging.  And they are willing to put up with us.  As a family unit, they symbolize all that is right with that social structure.  They do things as a unit.  They treat each other with humor and love.  They respect each other.  And thank you very much, they seem to enjoy our company!
It's only Saturday.  We have one more day to eat and laugh and enjoy.  And we shall.
May you be so lucky to find such a family in your lives.  And know you are loved!

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