Saturday, May 31, 2014


For the uninitiated, this is the clematis I planted this year (not to be confused with the clematis I planted last year, the year before, the year get the idea!). That feathery appendage on the right is the remnants of the one bloom that came with the plant.  I refer to it as the teaser!  The gorgeous flower was just a bud when planted and currently rests at the top of my pride list, right next to the spigot (see Thursday's post).  Immediately to the right of the present and below the past lies the future...the hope of what is to come.  Like last year and those prior, the possibility of success exists.  Granted, past experience would suggest the improbability of such an event, but yet, where there's we will revel in the present, remember the past, and hope for what is to come!  All is good, and you are loved!

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