Saturday, May 10, 2014

It's a matter of degree

Mine happens to be speech/theatre...with a minor in English.  Today, I get to enjoy that degree with a visit to Omaha to see "Wicked".  I've been listening to the music for quite a while, and I'm excited to finally put actions to words.  Theatre to me has always been magic.  It is an opportunity to leave myself for a while and enjoy seeing life through the eyes of others.  Sometimes, that alternative vision can be painful, but I never leave the theatre the same as I went in.  I'm smarter, or happier, or more caring.  I'm quizzical, or upset, or angry.  But mostly, I'm amazed.  How good playwrights construct an alternative universe amazes me.  How good directors bring their own interpretation to that universe amazes me.  And how actors can go beyond their normal lives to let me see that universe amazes me.  And the amazing thing is, I continue to have the opportunity to be amazed.  I guess that degree has "changed me for good."  Told you I'd been listening!  May your day be filled with amazement and the knowledge that you are loved!

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