Monday, May 19, 2014


If you were to look this up in the "picture to the right" dictionary, you would find little Billy smiling back at you!  Just now, Cath reminded me we need to get our nephew's graduation card in the mail.  He graduated yesterday!  This reminded me we also have to get his uncle's card in the mail.  His birthday was 11 days ago!  Oops.  It really is no indication of our care for these individuals (or any of you whom we have been tardy in recognizing), it is because I have the shortest memory in the world. If something comes up between the reminder to do something and completing the task (like I'm old and if I stand, I have to pee!), the task goes uncompleted.  Such is life in the slow lane!  Ah well, I guess my picture in the dictionary is better than on the post office wall...which reminds me, I was supposed to pay my taxes sometime...I'll do it after bridge.  Later, gator!  Know you are loved!

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