Saturday, May 3, 2014

The people we choose to love.

When teaching my career readiness class, we used to talk about making choices.  We choose with whom we become friends.  We choose the direction our employment heads.  We choose the diet we decide to follow.  We choose whether or not to accept the consequences of our choices.  And we choose the person with whom we will share all these choices.  I maintained then, as I do now, that is the most important choose we make!  I can truthfully say I have NEVER regretted my choice.  The woman I married is an amazing teacher, a caring family member, and a concerned citizen.  She accepts the fact that we are in control of our reactions.  She learned at an early age that if there is fault for something, there is usually enough to share.  She realizes the impact of positive reactions and remarks.  She has a deep, abiding faith and lives by the tenets of those beliefs.  Se sees the folly in foolish actions but the inherent good in the individual.  And she plays a wicked game of bridge!  To say that I am lucky would be an amazing understatement.  To say I love her would be the truth.  And I choose to tell the truth!

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