Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The joys of aging...I count them three

Teeth like iron!  Every dentist I went to was amazed I had a full set of 32. Wisdom teeth--perfectly normal--not growing sideways or incapable of poking their way through.  Mouth just the right size.  Of course, there was that one dentist who wanted to pull them because they were "doing no good."  There was nothing wrong with them, they were up to no good.  I came to the conclusion that this particular dentist didn't need my business.  But then I got older, and one of the molars decided to split in half.  Apparently, the steel had begun to rust.  Out it came...and then the one behind it.  Now there are thirty.  And the next one in line is on borrowed time.  Seems as how it had a root canal, so has no pain...except when the root fractures and pushes its way through the gum.  Time to say goodbye to number 30, but that leaves too big a hole, so we are going to replace it.  Can you say implant?  Can you say goodbye to my convertible for yet another year?  Oh well, at least I will have 29 amazing teeth, and one prosthetic one!  Not bad for a coot.

Vision like a youngster--clear and repaired to be that way.  Spent the money.  Went from legally blind to no glasses.  One of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.  For the last 14 years, I have seen well and enjoyed the feel of breezes on all of my face.  Now, however, the right eye has a cataract.  Not so clear, the vision.  But it is repairable as well.  Maybe the convertible will have to wait two years.

Attitude of gratitude.  I can eat.  I can see.  I can pay to be repaired.  And I recognize to what degree the people with whom I eat and the people I want to see have engendered said attitude.  To all who make me smile...to all who make be laugh...to all who make me glad I am alive, I say thank you.  You are loved!

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