Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sing, sing a song

As I vegetate in front of the brain sucking tube, it strikes me.  Music.  My, how it can draw you in to a scene.  But this doesn't surprise me.  I've known for years what impact music has on my soul.  It can truly soothe the savage breast.  It can also arouse it!  Put "Old Time Rock and Roll" on the speaker and watch my feet move, my body twitch, and here me start to sing along.  Meat Loaf?  Oh yeah!  The amazing thing is, I also love the classics.  You should see me at a symphony concert (unless they are debuting a new original I don't get it piece!).  I groove.  I sing...okay.  I play the piano...okay.  I played brass...pretty well.  Music is a great part of my life.  So it's okay to vegetate, if only for the music, right?  Finally, an excuse!  Sing yourself a happy song and know you are loved!

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