Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The artist

Of all the things I can't do, creating a piece of art ranks right at the top of my oh poop list.  I can see things.  I can visualize things.  I can be tempted to recreate these things in an artistic form.  But there is a significant disconnect when the attempt reaches my wrists.  My hands just don't get it.  My stick people are even hard to discern.  So I have learned to revel in the abilities of others.  What, you might ask, is the precipitor of this day's ramblings?  We are in Sioux Falls and this morning enjoyed the sculpture walk.  The walrus and calf were stunning.  The fat bird sang to me.  But the zebra...oh my god, the zebra.  What a stunning piece.  The power.  The coloring.  The mood.  It was something of which I will marvel for some time (Cathryn would not let me take it home!).  There were some I didn't understand.  There were some I understood but didn't like.  There were some that made me think my stick people might be okay (actually, that is a lie, but it sounded good!).  But each was unique.  Each was a vision, and each was a statement the kind of which I cannot make.  But I can and did enjoy!  If you can, create a piece of art.  If you can't, enjoy the work of others and make your life your masterpiece!  And always believe that you are loved!

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