Thursday, May 15, 2014

The art of cleaning a bathroom

I am a slob.  I am a man.  The two are not always inter-related, but for me, unfortunately, they are.  This does not bode well for the bathrooms in our house.  I truly aim to please.  I'm just not all that accurate.  There are, I realize, obvious solutions to this problem.  I could just step outside.  I am so equipped.  I fear the neighbors might object, or I might object to the derisive laughter.  Whatever.  I could sit down to pee.  I recall staying with an uncle of Cath's who opined, just as I walked into the room with my new necklace/chain, that "any man who wears a necklace probably squats to pee."  I'm NOT going to do that.  I do still wear the chain (it was a 10th anniversary present from mi esposa!).  The final alternative is to clean up after myself.  I have learned how to do that.  It includes paper toweling, an astringent cleaner, and a little elbow grease.  But it's only fair.  Sort of like life.  I have made my share of messes because of the choices I have made.  But I have done what I could to clean them up.  Sometimes, it takes more than a paper towel!  Ah well!  As it said on the wall at some bathroom or other (it may well have been Uncle Russ's!)  Our aim is to keep this room clean.  Your aim will help!  I aim to always try to clean up.  And I hit the target every time when I tell you that you are loved!

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