Sunday, May 11, 2014

What a mother!

Very few men have been as lucky as I!
Anyone who knew my mom loved her.  She was a witty, caring, unique lady with an amazing gift for making you feel important.
Anyone who knew my mother-in-law loved her.  Her quiet resolve and her attention to good made her unbelievably kind.  Not to mention she raised the most amazing daughters.
My sister?  Well she's a mother, too.  And she has three of the most delightful young adults I know!  She has taught them the power of love and respect for everyone.
My sister-in-law?  Two stunning young ladies whose care for those around them is legend.
Then, there's the next door neighbor, who after 38 years of serving in that capacity is as close to a mother figure as we have.  She cares, and for that we are seriously grateful.
Of course there are the friends we have made who have children who are successful, charming, witty, and most importantly, kind.  How could they not be with the role models they've had?
Yup.  Lucky.  And here's the thing.  I've also been lucky in love!  Although we have none of our own, I know that Cath has molded so many children into the kind of people we all can be proud!  Today and everyday I celebrate the women in my life!  You are loved!!

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