Monday, May 5, 2014


I hereby proclaim...I prefer green to white.  It was a perfect morning for a little exercise--a light breeze from the northeast.  The sun, shining brightly (at least part of the time).  The toilets in the park are open!  If I hadn't been running, I truly would have enjoyed the experience.  However, since I was, I had time to utilize my senses.  There truly was the scent of spring in the air.  At some point in my run, something was blooming, and it smelled divine.  (Or perhaps it was oxygen deprivation!)  Likewise, as I headed for home (the only enjoyable thing about running!) I noticed the grass.  What a gorgeous shade of green.  And I realized that just as the cold and dead season of winter was finally gone (at least until the next snowfall, possible at any time in South Dakota), the rebirth of plants and this animal were apparent.  Bring on the green!  I'm ready.  And you are loved!

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