Monday, May 12, 2014

Burning questions

1.  Why is there moss growing on the west side of the tree in front of our house?  Is this another trick of Mother Nature just to confuse me?  (Sorry, that was two questions!)
2.  Why is it I can remember what I ordered to eat on my first date but can't remember what I had for breakfast (Rhetorical, PLEASE!)
3.  Why is the front seat of the Neon the logical place for the dog to deficate when I pick her up from the vet?
4.  Why didn't I know that Cath had refilled the cleaning spray bottle with vinegar water?
5.  Does anyone know how to get the smell of vinegar out of car upholstery?
6.  Is it really true that South Dakota does have four seasons?
7.  Follow up question...what season is this?
8.  Who was the genius that designed an air conditioner motor to also run the defroster?
9.  If one train left Chicago at 9:00 pm, would it ever meet itself?  (I think that's how the story problem that haunts me to this day was worded!)
10. Do you know you are loved?

If the only question you could answer was number 10, and you answered yes, the teacher in me gives you an A+!

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