Wednesday, February 25, 2015


The doc says more fiber..I'll eat it, I hope
But thank god it's over, my colon, his scope.
The drugs that they give one, amazingly fast
Effects should wear off soon..on me they do last.

But every procedure when finished it is
Means gratification--it's pizza and fizz!
It's like that quite often--when bad things are done
The stomach's rewarded, the taste buds have fun.

So let's shift to weather.  It's now about time.
It's all about putting my thoughts down in rhyme.
To shovel? Anathema.  Enough with the snow!
Thank god for equipment.  Don't shovel, just blow!

Am so looking forward to spring...let it come
My fingers are frigid, my feet they are numb
Complaining won't change it, I know it is true
Regardless of weather, I'll always love you!

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