Friday, February 6, 2015

As promised...

We are, indeed, enjoying the southern zephyrs in Huron!  Howard was a hoot.  Great people, and a speaker system that not only worked, but broadcast the presentation throughout the armory!  Truly a memorable event.  Then it was on to Huron for a night of rest and relaxation before tonight's speech.  Following a good steak and walleye supper, we retired to our room only to discover the bed from hell, with Beelzebub inspired pillows!   Firm is an understatement.  Well, except for the waterproof pad that lay on top of the mattress pad and bunched and wrinkled every time I moved.  The pillows were a solid block of some material that gave little and bent less.  I usually enjoy a short stay in a hotel.  Last night?  Not so much!  But whatever discomfort was incurred at the hands of the Quasimodo designed sleeping accommodations, it was overshadowed but the absolute warmth and surprise of seeing the presentation for tonight highlighted with banners and signs when we entered the registration area!  Of course, you know me to be sentimental, but the fact that they had gone to that much trouble brought tears to my eyes!  Talk about a welcome!  It gave proof to a belief I have harbored all my life.  It's not about the "stuff", it's about the people.  These are my peeps, and like you, they are loved!

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