Saturday, February 28, 2015

The power of music

For years, the desk top computer in the basement has sat, speakerless.  Of course, for the last few years, there has been a set of speakers sitting in a different corner.  Today, as I was cleaning, I decided to marry the two.  Voila.  Noise from the computer.  I then went on search and destroy to determine what noise might accompany my fit of cleaning.  First choice--"Hooked on Classics."  A true oldie but goodie, it provided the impetus for vigorous cleaning.  Okay, that's a bold faced lie.  There was nothing vigorous going on, but it did improve the ambiance as I swore at things that should be in a different location.  (Never mind that I was the one who had put them in their current position.).  It was then time to attack my kitchen (and that is not an overstatement of verb!).  Second choice of music?  The Beamer Brothers' "Honolulu City Lights".  Great CD.  Great memories of a two week stay over 30 years ago.  A friend who was a doctor in the service couldn't find room in the BOQ, so he HAD to rent a home in Milalani Town with four bedrooms and a pool.  Now seriously, what kind of friends would we have been had we not helped him fill a bedroom for two weeks?  It was a magical time.  In fact, when life gets to that point where fun is illusive, I quite frequently take a short trip back to the island, siting by the pool as Ratso cleaned the bottom and the Macha Showers drifted through.  Memories beget memories, and I morphed into several trips we would take with the same young gentleman in the following years.  He was a former student of Cath's, and he and his debate partner of time gone by became amazing traveling companions and better friends.  The doc never married.  The lawyer did, and our foursome became a fivesome of laughter and love and memories.  So many memories.  Of late, the doc has become amazingly busy and involved in providing positive experiences for cancer survivors.  His time for travel takes him a different direction.  We don't see much of him any more, and that's sad.  But believe it or not, this story has a point.  Back to music.  The last track on Honolulu City Lights is "Only Good Times", and the lyrics tug at my heart and my mind.

We were friends who rode the waves
Time we spent in our younger days
Was all in fun, Oh the good times that we had.

We were young and it was fine
To feel your spirit as it climbs
There no regrets, only good times.

We were friends in our younger days
Although we went our separate ways
You were my friend, you never turned away

Who can say what life will do,
Life is kind to just a few
There's no regrets, only good times.

In time we will grow We will change
Just as free as the wind and the waves

Live your life the way you choose
Find the ones who laugh with you
Like the sea will find it's way to shore

As the sun sinks from the sky
Live your life and you will find

There's no regret, only good times,
only good times....

Laissez les bons temps rouler! and know always you are loved!

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