Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blow! Blow! Blow!

Just finished cleaning off the nuisance snow with the leaf blower.  Two things.  First, it's probably much easier to shovel, but hey, when you've got the tools....  Second, the leaf blower has a mind of its own.  It starts when it wants to.  It runs when it wants to.  It smokes when it wants to.  You would think I would revert back to thing one.  But no.  No one accuses me of an over abundance of common sense.  However, if I had not taken the time to blow, I would not have remembered one of my favorite stories from my chronological youth.  I was the drum major for the band.  That gave me a whistle.  I would take the whistle outside and practice blowing it.  Okay, I would take it outside to annoy the neighbors, and it worked.  Across the street was a gentleman who I think was not fond of children.  At least me.  One day whilst I was annoying, he came out of his house, walked to the street, and shouted to me to take that expletive deleted whistle and shove it...well, you get the idea!  To this day, every time I hear a whistle, I check to see from whence the sound emanates!  Amazing how one thing leads to another, isn't it?  May your memories bring you smiles and know you are loved!

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