Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Typical? No! Fun? Yes

It was one of THOSE days.  Up at 4:30 to make four different kinds of scones and some lemon blueberry parfaits.  Off at 7:00 to deliver PACH tubs to Mellette.  Home long enough to bake and frost scones and off to the farm show to judge cooking with honey.  Home to pick up fudge for yoga. Yoga.  Home for lunch.  Afternoon was back to the farm show to wish our nephew a happy birthday, home to get fudge ready for retired teachers tomorrow and off to play bridge at 5:30.  Time to revel in the fact that we have the time and energy to do this kind of day!  Also time for my beauty sleep (I OBVIOUSLY have not had enough of that!)  Tomorrow, as Scarlett would tell you, "is another day."  Find a reason to be happy, and know you are loved!

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