Thursday, February 12, 2015

You don't know Jack...

It was one of those aha moments.  I was walking up the stairs, tired from a rough night of bridge and delectable edibles and everything seemed as it should.  The wind was obviously blowing.  I could see the fresh dusting of snow on the driveway, highlighted by the neighbor's motion sensitive light (REAL sensitive since the wind had activated it!).  The windows were beginning to frost over.  I honestly do not know what caught my attention, or why, but I stopped to look at the frost on the window.  The pattern was amazing.  Never before had I noticed the intricacies inherent in crystallized moisture.  Frost is frost.  But it's so much more.  And isn't that so like every person you meet?  What may appear simple and mundane, on closer examination, is intricate and beautiful!  We just need to take time to look!  And all it took was a bit of humidity and some cold weather.  I guess you could say I am richer because of the "damp cold!"  And because I love you!

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