Saturday, February 14, 2015

amo, amass, amat, amamus, amatus, amant

I.  You.  He, she it.  We.  You.  They. 

51 years later, I can still conjugate it.  But what IS it?  Philosophers, poets, scholars, theologians, and if the song is to be believed, fools rush in to define it.  How egotistical it would be to attempt to do the same.  (But I've always said, it's all about me!)  It, for me is all about gratitude.  I gratitude my parental units for giving me birth and a moral compass.  I gratitude my sibling for not killing me at an early age (not that I would ever have given her motive!).  I gratitude my genetically and non-genetically linked extended family for the patience, forbearance, and guidance they have given.  I gratitude teachers who instilled in me a love for music and literature and questions.  I gratitude the students who allowed me to take them on a journey through public discourse, or computers, or work.  I gratitude my friends...oh, how I gratitude my friends, for always giving me a feeling of worth...even when I didn't/don't deserve it.  I gratitude my failures, for they have taught.  I gratitude the four legged wonder who at this moment is informing me she has yet to have had all her sustenance for the day.  I gratitude the fact that a heart does not break, for had it truly been broken, I never would have had the opportunity to gratitude the woman who completes me...who endures me...who, thankfully gratitudes me back.  Today, of all days, I am grateful!  And it is with the deepest of gratitude I wish you a happy Valentine's Day!  Te amo!

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